Hector Saint-Hilaire

Technical Manager

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    • Absolutely in agreement here. My son has the necessary skills to code, I taught him some C and I could see some innate ability. I wished he would get interested in programming, but he did not. This is a career that is hard for us who like it, I can not imagine the suffering of anyone who is forced to do computer programming forcibly.

    • KISS should be applied with priorities: 1) The user experience 2) The design (base it in simple, well defined components, etc) 3) The implementation (actual code) If you apply KISS with this priority in mind, at the very least you end up with a product that is intuitive to the user, will be recommended more and hopefully sold more. If on top of that you apply KISS to the internal design, then you end up with a structure that is easy to enhance by your fellow engineers down the road. Doing #3 improves even more on the extensibility of the design.