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    • I have several Windows 7 machines with USB 3 ports: an HP laptop with built-in USB3 ports and a desktop with an add-in card. Those drivers are apparently not native to Win 7, but the result is the same (people are running USB3 on Win XP). I develop imaging applications and typically get around 2.4 Gb/sec real-world through USB3, using Opal Kelly FPGA boards. I'm sure there are driver differences but in my case the limitation is on the FPGA side. I think it would be very feasible to design a much better cheap logic analyzer, with a gig of DDR3, at least 32 channels, 200 MHz external sampling, USB3, trigger in/out, and support for triggering off the protocol analyzers (this seems to be lacking in all the inexpensive logic analyzers -- post-processing captured data doesn't count). FPGAs are big and cheap enough that this would be straightforward.

    • Agreed. The acceptable outcomes to get each face to appear only once for 6 rolls of a die are the permutations of (1,2,3,4,5,6), of which there are 6!. The total number of outcomes for 6 rolls is 6^6.