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    • Jack, In the paragraph defining Defect Potential, it states '(tracked after the compiler gives a clean compile; ignore the syntax errors it finds)'. What definition of 'syntax error' is being used that would allow a clean compile?

    • Brings back a rush of memories. In 1981/1982, the book "Soul of a New Machine", by Tracy Kidder was required reading in my first college computer science/programming course. The book is the story of the development team's efforts creating Data General's Eclipse mini-computer. Interestingly, a couple of years later, I was doing Spice simulations on an Eclipse mini-computer donated to the university by Data General. While going to college for my Engineering degree, I was working evenings in a hospital laboratory. It often fell upon me to reboot the laboratory's PDP-8 mini-computer after a crash by using toggle switches to enter the instructions to start the bootloader.