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    • The info at https://goo.gl/c3JNx0 for router battery focus the same. BMSs handle all of the monitoring, control, and safety circuitry of battery packs and control systems, including accurately monitoring cell charges, balancing voltages between cells to maintain a constant voltage across packs, managing charging and discharging, and protecting the system from over-voltage and over-current conditions for packs of up to 12 cells in series.

    • Till I remember, around 1975 the HP-35 changed my life. It allowed me to try things I would not have, simply because the math computations were too laborious for http://192168eleven.online/ . I discovered active filters among other things and made a virtual career of them. What a machine.

    • Open source future is dark. This may happen that Openoffice owners may retire it. New comers may not bring it new software as open source. Because all want to make huge money.