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    • I find this posting interesting. I have been an embedded/application programmer for more than twenty years starting with VxWorks using FORTRAN and C. In the late 90's I learned C++ and nothing matches its expressiveness or its complexity. A skilled C++ programmer can do almost anything that can be done in C in an embedded system but C++/OOD can be an unwanted overhead when programming in the small. This year I programmed a small client/server in C for an embedded system, a Windows application in C#, a script app in Phython and added a new feature in Ada95 and C++ to a legacy product. The language is just a tool.

    • Another reason early adopters of C++ for embedded were disappointed with the results was poorly designed code that was prone to memory leaks. C++ is a large and complicated language that takes programmer discipline to not misuse. Even now 15 years later on another legacy project that is going through a midlife upgrade, I have to argue with C programmers why global data is bad, class data members should not be public, and why polymorphism using base class is better than enumerated switch statements. Other than the benefits of a C++ compiler, I would think carefully before switching a project from C to C++.