Richard Ainsworth

F/W Design Engineer

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    • As some wag pointed out, "Twitter is another outlet for the mentally retarded" (or words to that effect). Not that it was an attack on the genuinely mentally ill, just a broadside against those who are emotionally incontinent, self-centred, and with a somehow superior view of the world and events than us ordinary citizens. Today Nelson Mandela died, watch the twittersphere go into absolute meltdown as the great & the good of luvvydom try to outdo each other in there gushing tributes. You'll find little dignity or respect for the man there. As a silicon designer of 25+ years who designed stuff to hook up the www I sometimes feel a bit like Victor Frankenstein. Social media breaks down barriers. But not in a good way. It helps people become just a little bit too familiar with each other. Just a little bit over friendly. Just a little bit... creepy. For more of may inane ramblings follow me on Twitter @Iambetterthanyouandyoureallyhavetohearwhatihavetosayabouteverything