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I am Editor at large for EE Times even though I maintain a fairly trim physique ;-) because I run around a lot covering everything from computers and communications to medical, the Internet of Things, intellectual property and--every great once in a while--analog. Note: I am an English major.


's contributions
    • Wind River Systems is rolling out at the Embedded Systems Conference its Network Acceleration Platform for telecom system designers, the first of a family of integrated software development packages that bundles multiple operating systems and tools and the first of a set of algorithms Wind River is developing for higher-level features.

    • Marvell is making its first foray into home broadband terminals, launching a new family of chips for passive optical networks as the number two player in the PON market, startup Teknovus Inc., is expected to be acquired by Broadcom Corp. or Cavium Networks.

    • The Ethernet Alliance will demonstrate versions of Ethernet with faster speeds, lower power and new features at the annual Interop show in Las Vegas this week, and they have kicked off talks aiming to rally support for a 40G serial Ethernet standard.

    • Developers got their first look at an upgrade to the Android environment as the Open Handset Alliance made available for download what it called an early version of a software developer's kit for Android 1.5 sporting a host of small but significant upgrades.

    • Cisco Systems took its first big steps as a corporation into consumer digital media markets at the Consumer Electronics Show, claiming it would help ease the pain in managing home networks and Web services.

    • At a press conference, I saw a senior engineer when not needed to address a question hammering away at Facebook chat, I assume staying in touch with colleagues (not his teenage kids), but I wondered if that was really a secure way to communicate.