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Steve Taranovich has 45 years of experience in the electronics industry. He received an MSEE from Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York, and his BEEE from New York University, Bronx, New York. He was also chairman of the Educational Activities Committee for IEEE Long Island. Presently an Eta Kappa Nu Member and an IEEE Life Senior Member. His expertise is in analog, RF and power management with a diverse embedded processing education as it relates to analog design from his years at Burr-Brown and Texas Instruments. He was a circuit design engineer for his first 16 years in electronics. He then served as one of the first field application engineers with Burr-Brown Corp and also became one of their first global account managers, traveling to Europe, India and China. He spent 11 years at Texas Instruments as a Global Account manager while being his own applications engineer as well. He has a great many colleagues from his world travels that are writing for his websites today. Steve has been invited to NASA Ames in California as well as NASA Houston and NASA JPL/Caltech to meet and interview astronauts, engineers and scientists.


's contributions
    • Lightning affects Greenhouse gases concentrations as well as its capability of damaging electrical/electronic systems, especially those in elevated structures like wind turbines or aircraft. Scientists at SAINT want to fully understand this atmospheric electrical phenomenon.

    • New ecosystem includes the AD9371 integrated wideband RF transceiver, enabling simple, versatile solutions for wireless infrastructure, aerospace and defense, and instrumentation applications.

    • NASA engineers have to define, create, test, and deploy software with ongoing refinements in the Orion Deep Space vehicle that will carry astronauts to Mars and back.

    • Hi Max, I have also interviewed Alice Bowman ("MOM"), she is an engineer like we are and so excited about the space program. See my interview on EDN

    • Hello Prabkhar, If I get to do a Part 2 then I definitely would add actual implementations and more design details. Thanks for the feedback

    • Hi Rich, I do appreciate your feedback Rich. I know that I tend to be a bit too relaxing in my presentations, but I need the constructive criticism because these topics can get too "dry" sometimes and I want to make these tutorials informative as well as interesting. Thanks, Steve