Tom Moxon


Over twenty years experience in engineering complex systems and integrated circuit design. Building and managing engineering teams including hardware, verification, and software designers. Personally involved in the design of over 135 integrated circuits. Specialties: FPGA, ASIC and Firmware design for applications such as Motor and Motion Control, Digital Video, Digital Audio, Digital Signal Processing, and Communications.


's contributions
    • Victor, This usually one of the first things I set up with a new development program, both for regression testing and monte-carlo based optimization. Either commercial (Platform LSF) or other, open-source queuing systems are used to marshal both the server pool, and any unused desktop machines at night for massive regression runs. When I was consulting at Adobe for example, we could run many thousands of postscript pages through regression testing each night. The key to success is a designing a robust success/failure criteria at the onset, that can mask any superfluous errors, and only flag the tests with real failures to resolve. regards, Tom Moxon