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  • Thermopile Arrays Open Up A New World of Automation Applications

    Thermal Infrared Detectors, one type of IR Sensor, are distinguished by the advantages of a wide wavelength response, no requirement for cooling, high-temperature stability, high signal-to-noise ratio and low cost. Consequently, they are widely used in consumer products and in instrumentation.Read More

    The Quiet Spark Plugs Behind the IoT: Sensors

    As the Internet of Things continues its astonishing growth, smart and connected technologies are at the forefront of most IoT conversations. Lesser recognized are developments in sensors that are making these smart devices possible.Read More

    Considerations for Selecting Automotive-Grade Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors in Electric Vehicles

    For EV design engineers and purchasing agents, the drive towards increased electrification of the automotive drive train results in the challenge of finding cutting-edge components that can handle increasing temperatures, voltage, and power without sacrificing reliability, availability, and footprint. This white paper will review the varying requirements MLCCs have to meet within EV susbsystems.Read More

    How to Reduce Control Panel Costs Using IEC Devices and Busbar Systems

    Designers, integrators, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) each acknowledge the benefits realized through the use of IEC devices, including lower costs and greater safety. The next evolutionary step in refining control panel design is through the use of busbar. In this white paper, you'll learn about the great number of advantages which make the IEC-busbar combination the ideal choice for control panel systems.Read More

    Achieving Smooth and Fast Startup of a Sensorless BLDC Motor Using a Microcontroller

    This paper describes a method for initial rotor position detection that is realized by using a microcontroller for motor control and is highly useful for the control of such motors. This method solves various problems that tend to occur with sensorless motors, making it possible to realize a highly efficient system with smooth and fast high-torque startup.Read More

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Thermopile Arrays Open Up A New World of Automation Applications

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Thermal Infrared... Read More

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