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  • No Clean? Know Clean!

    Learn the pros and cons of different cleaning solutions to designate the right option for your PCB project in this paper.Read More

    Improving Processes and Results with Automated Tests

    This paper discusses common types of automated test in manufacturing, and shows some generic examples of manufacturing process steps. The examples highlight how automated test is part of a larger process that includes manual steps, including assembly, and how enterprise software can use automated, consolidated test data to improve manufacturing and business processes.Read More

    How to Ensure Optimum Night-Time Vision for Drivers with Adaptive Front Lighting (AFS)

    Adaptive front lighting, or AFS, is a new smart automotive application gaining acceptance among car buyers, legislators and road-safety groups. By using stepper motors to adjust the headlamp position for pitch and also horizontally as the driver steers, AFS can ensure optimum night-time vision for drivers while also enhancing comfort and safety for other road users.Read More

    Industrial HMI in a Package: Simplifies and Accelerates Camera-GUI-Display Implementations for HMI

    Driven by the smart phone user experience, Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMIs) are continuously taking over the control of more differentiated equipment in industrial, medical, access control, home, and building automation as well as consumer segments.Read More

    Eliminating Power Supply Design Complexity with 'Simple Digital' Modules

    This paper describes how Renesas Simple Digital Modules leverage the inherent advantages of a digital control power supply by offering telemetry and configuration using the PMBus interface and its benefits and ease of use for designing power supply solutions.Read More

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No Clean? Know Clean!

Save & Follow 12 November 2018

Learn the pros and cons of... Read More

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