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  • Achieving Smooth and Fast Startup of a Sensorless BLDC Motor Using a Microcontroller

    This paper describes a method for initial rotor position detection that is realized by using a microcontroller for motor control and is highly useful for the control of such motors. This method solves various problems that tend to occur with sensorless motors, making it possible to realize a highly efficient system with smooth and fast high-torque startup.Read More

    Guide to Building a Smart Home Service

    The proliferation of connected devices represents an entirely new platform for service providers, manufacturers, and startups to build devices and applications for the consumer IoT market. The IoT is green fields when it comes to possibilities—new products, new services, and new market opportunities. However, green fields are also untested, and come with inherent risk. So, where to go from here?Read More

    Key Considerations for Powertrain HIL Test

    This application note covers recommended best practices for powertrain HIL testing.Read More

    How GaN ICs are Transforming the EV Market

    This paper will examine how galium nitride (GaN) electronics, and to a lesser extent silicon carbide (SiC), are boosting the power output and energy efficiency of electric cars without increasing the cost of the vehicles.Read More

    Harnessing the Power of Traceability in the Electronics Manufacturing and Semiconductor Industries

    Lengthy, capital-intensive processes and low profit margins impact the semiconductor industry, while consumer electronics manufacturing faces the need to constantly innovate and adapt to constantly changing customer demands. How can companies in these industries control costs and stay afloat?Read More

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Achieving Smooth and Fast Startup of a Sensorless BLDC Motor Using a Microcontroller

Save & Follow 27 November 2017

This paper describes a... Read More

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