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  • The Benefits of Opto-Coupled and Digital Isolators in Circuit Design Today

    There are many challenges in circuit design today and understanding the key differences between digital isolators and opto-coupled isolators in circuit design helps developers design more effectively. This white paper reviews the challenges of modern circuit design, industry design trends, the use of various isolators, such as CMOS digital isolators, and the benefits of each.Read More

    How to Manage Thousands of Devices in a Secure, Scalable Way

    The new S5D3 Synergy MCU provides security protections far above other solutions in this class of device. The S5D3 offers highly efficient operation at an attractive price point, making it a very effective MCU to enable advanced scalable security management for endpoint devices in IoT systems.Read More

    Meeting Harsh Media Pressure Sensor Requirements

    Pressure sensors are a requirement in many industrial, energy, heavy equipment, transportation, food and beverage, and certain medical applications. A key consideration for selecting the right pressure sensor is if they must operate in severe conditions where dust, chemicals, shock/vibration and temperature all threaten performance, reliability and longevity.Read More

    Oscilloscope Fundamentals

    The oscilloscope is arguably one of the most useful tools ever created for use by electronic engineers. It is the purpose of this primer to describe digital oscilloscopes, which have for practical purposes, replaced their analog predecessors in the vast majority of applications.Read More

    Fundamentals of Heat Transfer in Thermal Interface Gap Filler Materials

    This paper focuses on the primary function of a thermal gap filler—its ability to transfer heat from one surface to another. The selection process for a gap filler can sometimes be confusing because most thermal considerations are left to the end of the design cycle when the selection process must be performed under a tight schedule.Read More

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The Benefits of Opto-Coupled and Digital Isolators in Circuit Design Today

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There are many challenges... Read More

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