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  • Characterization of Sigfox Devices from Lab to Production Line

    The application note guides developers and manufactures of Sigfox Devices to perform the required and recommended measurements with test solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.Read More

    Bluetooth 5, Refined for the IoT

    This white paper introduces the new features of Bluetooth 5 technology and how they enable the next wave of IoT applications. The hallmark features of Bluetooth 5 include twice the speed, four times range, and eight times the advertising capacity for long range, more robust connections, better user experience, and smarter beacons.Read More

    Is Heat Management Making You Sweat?

    In today's world of shrinking electronics, heat management is a growing concern. Unless heat is removed, it will accumulate causing product failures. In this white paper, learn recommended techniques for keeping PCB designs cool such as using heat sinks, thermal vias or natural convection.Read More

    Semper Flash: Enabling Functional Safety for Automotive and Industrial Systems

    This paper explores the steps needed to comply with ISO 26262 and IEC61508 standards, and the various safety features that have been integrated into Cypress's new Semper NOR Flash solutions to simplify system-level functional safety and meet these requirements.Read More

    How Secure Fuel Gauges Can Prevent Battery Counterfeiting

    This paper examines different approaches for preventing battery counterfeiting and takes a look at how battery fuel gauges with built-in security can offer a strong level of protection.Read More

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Characterization of Sigfox Devices from Lab to Production Line

Save & Follow 01 February 2018

The application note... Read More

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