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  • Eliminating Power Supply Design Complexity with 'Simple Digital' Modules

    This paper describes how Renesas Simple Digital Modules leverage the inherent advantages of a digital control power supply by offering telemetry and configuration using the PMBus interface and its benefits and ease of use for designing power supply solutions.Read More

    Must Reads: Plugging into PCBs and Flex Circuits

    Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are an integral part of today's electronics, and optimal performance matters more than ever. The editors at AspenCore have compiled a series that will help you explore the options for building a PCB, select the right connector and components for PCB design, and learn about PCB assembly. Read this collection today.Read More

    Verifying the True Jitter Performance of Clocks in High-speed Digital Designs

    As the data rates in high-speed digital designs increase, the limits for overall system jitter become tighter. This especially applies to the various components of the clock tree, where the jitter limits for reference clocks, clock buffers and jitter attenuators are even tighter.Read More

    Verifying Additive Phase Noise and Jitter Attenuation of Plls in High-speed Digital Designs

    Increasing data rates in high-speed digital designs and wireless communications require SerDes PLLs and clock synthesizers with low additive phase noise and high jitter attenuation. Modern designs often follow a two-stage architecture, consisting of a jitter-attenuator and a frequency-synthesizer stage.Read More

    Bluetooth Angle Estimation for Real-Time Locationing

    Bluetooth Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) are new technologies that establish a standardized framework for indoor locationing. With these technologies, the fundamental problem of locationing comes down to solving the arrival and departure angles of radio frequency signals. This paper explains the basics of these technologies and gives some theory for estimating direction of arrival.Read More

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Eliminating Power Supply Design Complexity with 'Simple Digital' Modules

Save & Follow 05 October 2018

This paper describes how... Read More

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