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1/18-in. CMOS image sensor fits disposable applications


OmniVision Technologies introduced a low-cost 1/18-in. CMOS image sensor, as part of the CameraChip family. It's aimed at camera phones, as well as disposable cameras for medical applications such as intubation and diagnostic systems.

The 2.1- by 2.3-mm CSP packaged chip will enable a 3.2-mm diameter microscopic camera module, making many medical procedures even less invasive for the patient. It also allows certain medical devices such as intubation systems and endoscopes to be made even smaller to allow for use on infants and small children.

The OV6920 is a single-chip OmniPixel2 CameraChip system, which only needs clock and power to get the NTSC composite signal out for direct interface with a VCR/TV/monitor. It runs from a single 3.3-V dc supply. Engineering samples are currently available. Additional information is available at www.ovt.com.

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