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1.2-mm high inductors suit battery-powered apps

Taiyo Yuden's NR3012 series of 1.2-mm high, 3- by 3-mm are aimed at battery-powered applications. The 11 models in the series offer a large selection of high conversion efficiency (low Rdc), rated current (250 to 1490 mA), and inductance ratings (1.0 to 47 ΜH). The popularity of this series lies in its ability to provide high current from a small size.

Instead of employing conventional round drum/sleeve core technology, the inductors use a unique sleeveless square-core winding that eliminates all wasted space and thickens the lead wire inside the inductor to achieve the lowest possible Rdc. Moreover, the NR series' special ferrite-based resin covering further reduces component size and enables higher current. The sleeveless structure ups the mechanical shock resistance. Samples sell for $.30 each. For further information, visit the Taiyo Yuden web site at www.yuden.us.

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