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10/100 Ethernet transceivers delivers features beyond the IEEE 802.3u spec

National Semiconductor introduced the PHYTER family of application-specific 10/100 physical layer Ethernet transceivers. The transceivers address the unique needs of embedded designers developing products that require network connectivity.

The PHYTER commercial (DP83848C) transceiver is aimed at devices for the home. In addition to IEEE 802.3u compliance, UNH interoperability certification, Auto-MDIX, and up to 137 m of cable reach, the part incorporates system cost-reducing features. For example, the DP83848C integrates a 25-MHz clock-out that eliminates the need for an additional media access control (MAC) clock source component.

The PHYTER industrial (DP83848I) transceiver is designed for use in harsh environments. By removing non-deterministic signaling from the data path, the DP83848I ensures timing latency across the media independent interface (MII) and reduced media independent interface (RMII) MAC standard interfaces.

The PHYTER extreme (DP83848YB) transceiver enables Ethernet connectivity up to 150 m of cable reach in extreme temperature environments. It enables networking components in harsh factory and system environments, such as engine blocks or motor controls.

National also provides the PHYTER Ethernet integrity software utility that helps in system support, debug, and system design work. Available for download at www.national.com/appinfo/networks/ethernet_utility.html, this utility gives the user complete access for link, status, device configuration and network status monitoring.Information on all the parts can be found at www.national.com.

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