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10-GbE NIC chip hits the market in volume for server apps


Santa Clara, Calif. —Aimed at the mainstream server market, NetXen Inc.'s 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10-GbE) intelligent NIC chips have started to ship in volume production.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is NetXen's foundry partner for the 10-GbE Intelligent NIC chip, which is said to be the first dual-port 10-GbE device with native PCI Express functions.

“The enterprise datacenter is on a verge of a major shift to 10GbE,” said Govind Kizhepat, NetXen's founder and chief executive, in a statement. “Our relationship with TSMC enables NetXen to answer the growing demand for 10GbE NIC technology in the Agile Datacenter.”

Unlike existing hardwired products, the 10-GbE device's software and firmware can be upgraded, enabling server systems equipped with Intelligent NIC technology to readily evolve with changing market needs and adapt to different datacenter workloads.

NetXen claims that its intelligent NIC increases datacenter network performance by a factor of 10 and system power efficiency by 50 percent, at less than half the cost of current products.

For more information on the devices, click here:www.netxen.com/products/chipsolutions/pdfs/NX2031.pdf
and www.netxen.com/products/chipsolutions/pdfs/NX2035.pdf.

The company would not release pricing information, but said that the individual boards with the NX2031 and NX2035 10-GbE devices run about $600 each.

NetXen Inc., 1-408-330 0010, www.netxen.com

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