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10-GbE XMC/PMC module supports SFP+

Vancouver, Canada—AdvancedIO Systems has released the V1021 configurable 10GbE connectivity and packet processing XMC/PMC module that supports SFP+, the latest 10-gigabit optical transceiver technology.

The V1021 provides high bandwidth data-pipe performance with flexible processing functionality in a single chassis slot. This optimization enables system developers in resource-demanding real-time applications such as radar, signals intelligence, and sensor processing to pack more functionality into a system while reducing its size and cost. AdvancedIO's V1021 is an open-standard form factor module that solves the problem of connecting real-time embedded systems to extreme high-speed Ethernet networks. Like AdvancedIO's deployed V1020 product, the V1021 can also be used as a high-speed pipe to directly interconnect embedded processing systems.

Key features of AdvancedIO's V1021 include standard VITA 42.3 XMC/PMC mezzanine module that integrates onto standard off-the-shelf platforms for wide applicability; standard PCI-X and PCI Express host interfaces for easy integration and high performance; customizable functionality via Xilinx FPGA for application optimization and in-field upgrades; compatible optimized udpXG communications protocol for offloading and streamXG data streaming acceleration cores and software designed specifically for real-time applications; and standard sockets-based software API for easy integration and future software portability.

Availability: Immediately.
More information: V1021.

AdvancedIO Systems, www.AdvancedIO.com

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