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10-Gbit/s fiber optic transceiver housed in small package


Tokyo and New York—NEC Corp. is offering samples of what is says is the smallest 10-Gbit/s 4-channel parallel fiber optic transceiver.

Consisting of high-speed laser diodes, photo diodes and high-speed transmitter/receiver LSIs integrated in a compact package, the transceiver operates on 10-Gbit/s per channel for next-generation high-throughput interconnection systems.

In a 14 x14 x 4.7-mm package, the transceiver has achieved a volume that is 1/10 of conventional XFP transceivers, while supporting the same transmission capacity. Due to its small size, the transceiver can be installed next to high-speed CPUs and peripheral ICs.

It provides low power consumption below 1W (250mW/channel). And it features a detachable optical connector that was developed in collaboration with Fujikura Ltd. The detachable optical connector turns the I/O light signal direction perpendicular to the laser array and PIN-PD array.

NEC Corp., www.nec.com

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