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10-Gbits/s pluggable, tunable optical transceiver targets DWDM

Tokyo, Japan—Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has developed a compact, pluggable 10-Gbits/s optical communications transceiver (MF-10KWXF series) capable of discretionary tuning within the full C band DWDM optical interface ITU-T 50-GHz grid.

The transceiver complies with the 10-Gbits/s form-factor industrial standard, XFP-E (Extended) Multi-Source Agreement (MSA). For more information, go to www.xfpe.org

The 10-Gbits/s transceiver offers multi-rate operation from 9.95-Gbits/s to 11.1-Gbits/s for SONET/ SDH and 10-Gbits/s Ethernet. Features include zero chirp and negative chirp; low power consumption of 7-W maximum; a compact size of 78 x 48 x 12.6 mm; an operating temperature range of -5° to +70°C; and a management interface compliant with I²C rev. 2 and XFP MSA.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp., +81-72-780-3837, global.mitsubishielectric.com

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