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£10 million available for energy saving lighting

LONDON — Research and development into the integration and advancement of more energy efficient lighting, lasers and displays is set to be stimulated through a £10 million investment by the U.K.'s Technology Strategy Board.

The money will be invested in industry-led, collaborative research in areas such as lasers, high brightness LEDs (in-organic and/or organic) and displays.

The investment will provide partial funding for winning projects in one or more of these areas, and which involve businesses working collaboratively with other businesses and/or with research organisations and academic institutions.

The Advanced Lighting, Lasers and Displays competition – part of the Technology Strategy Board's autumn 2007 call for proposals in a number of innovation and technology areas – will stimulate U.K. companies to address the challenges of establishing solutions which improve device efficiency while reducing energy consumption or successfully integrating new and existing component technologies to provide physical proofs of principle.

“Lighting accounts for up to 20 percent of the U.K.’s power. As we move towards a lower carbon economy, and recognise the need for more efficient energy use, developing advanced light sources becomes increasingly important,” said Iain Gray, chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board.

Projects are invited that will result in improvements in the overall efficiency with which light is generated, across a range of applications from solid-state lighting through brighter displays to laser systems.

Projects that demonstrate system level improvements in light generation/extraction techniques are particularly sought in the following areas:

    – Electronic, packaging and optical coupling techniques to enable reliable, sustainable, cost-effective, high-brightness, quality, high-efficiency organic and/or inorganic, general and task lighting systems as well as mood lighting, indicator lighting and display lighting systems.

    – Research, development and design of advanced diode and non-diode laser systems such as solid-state and fibre lasers, and their innovative use in healthcare, manufacturing and other applications.

    – Integration of component technologies to provide physical proofs of principle and demonstrations of practicality. Proposals could involve advances in thermal/power management, packaging technologies, improved optical extraction technologies, driver integration or other techniques.

    Applicants must register their intention to apply for funding, and submit an outline of their proposal, by Feb 22 and the final closing date for applications is March 27. Further information is available on the Technology Strategy Board's website.

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