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10 shields for Arduino designs

The Arduino open-source development board is an immensely popular platform for engineers and makers to prototype their projects quickly. It’s success, and versatility is driven by its community who have used it to drive home automation, power robotics, augment reality, and a host of other projects.

While on its own, the Arduino is an excellent tool for any project, but pairing it with a Shield expands its capabilities and raises the platform to a new level. In this roundup, we will take a look at some of the more useful Shields that can turn an ordinary project into an excellent one.

1: Keyestudio Easy Module Shield


(Image credit: Keyestudio via AliExpress)

Keyestudio’s Easy Module Shield is a learning platform for those just entering the world of Arduino and doesn’t require any soldering, making it easy to use as well. The add-on board features a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor, LM35D temperature sensor, rotary potentiometer, and photoresistor. It also hosts an IR receiver, piezo buzzer, RGB/blue/red LEDs, 2-channel digital port, single-channel analog port, IIC interface, TTL serial port, and a pair of push buttons. The Easy Module Shield is compatible with the Arduino Uno R3 only.

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