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10 sure-fire hits at ESC Silicon Valley


It's that time of year again: the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in Silicon Valley is literally around the corner. Next week, developers from across the globe converge on Silicon Valley to learn about the latest embedded systems design techniques and tools, July 20–22 at the Santa Clara Marriott Hotel (click here to learn how to get a 15% discount).

Don't missEmbedded Systems ConferenceSilicon ValleyJuly 20 – 22

Don't miss
Embedded Systems Conference
Silicon Valley
July 20 – 22

The three-day conference is packed with engineers, developers, and industry experts, all there to share and learn about the latest training on embedded systems design. The technical conference topics include connected devices and the burning-hot Internet of Things (IoT), embedded software, embedded hardware, system design, and prototyping.

Those in attendance will be able to learn about everything from different microcontroller architectures to project management tools and techniques and everything in between. Some new additions debut this year as well including the Hardware Start Engineering Summit and an Embedded Security Summit.

What could be better than this: The Arduino for rapid prototyping; It's not just a toy? Read more about this class. (Image source: Arduino)

What could be better than this: The Arduino for rapid prototyping; It's not just a toy? Read more about this class. (Image source: Arduino)

Overall, seven tracks and two summits will cover all aspects of embedded design from prototyping, hardware/software design, applications, and the latest theories and methodologies, all in technical sessions, post-mortems/tear-downs, and demonstrations. Suffice it to say that you may want to have several mobile devices and a bag load of batteries if you want to catch all the information that will be provided.

Certainly one of the more interesting highlights of the conference will be the Fantastical Theatre of Engineering Innovation, where attendees will have interactive sessions with some of the industry's leaders, including discussion panels where important questions can be asked. Demos, speed-trainings, teardowns, and even DIY labs will all be featured in the Theatre, with exclusive giveaways as well!

The only thing that would make this conference any better is if they included beer and snacks — but wait… they do! Each day (both Tuesday and Wednesday), after the summits have ended, the sponsors will provide refreshments and snacks in the Demo Hall.

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