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1,000 platform seats sold by Wind River

Wind River Systems says that more than 1,000 enterprise licence seats have been sold since it introduced its market-specific platform approach last November. More than 100 customers worldwide have signed up, including BAE Systems, Fluke Networks, Huawei Technologies, Hughes Network Systems, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Pace Micro Technology, Qualcomm, Raytheon, Samsung, Sanyo, and Sony.

The November launch of the platform approach coincided with a subscription-based licensing model designed to help customers approach software development on an enterprise-wide.

The licensing model is flexible and is site, architecture, host, and project independent. It includes updates and upgrades, and customers who buy platform products are also entitled to receive service credits that include on-site consultations, education, or training.

The four initial platforms covered networking, industrial devices, consumer devices and servers & storage. Last month Wind River added a platform for car infotainment.

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