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12-bit ADC samples up to 250 Msamples/s


The MAX1215 is a 12-bit 250-Msample/s analog-to-digital converter (ADC). At 250 Msamples/s, the part delivers high performance over input frequencies up to 300 MHz. The ADC is suited implementing higher order power-amplifier predistortion, because the fast update rate allows for sampling wider bandwidths with greater dynamic range than what was previously available. The device also consumes less power than competitive products.

The MAX1215 achieves a spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of 74 dBc. It has a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 66 dB at 10 MHz which remains flat (within 2 dB) for input tones up to 300 MHz. Such dynamic performance suits the part wideband applications like cable-head end receivers and power-amplifier predistortion in cellular base stations.

The part runs on a single 1.8-V supply. The analog input is designed for either differential or single-ended operation and can be ac or dc coupled. The selectable on-chip, divide-by-2 clock circuit reduces the phase noise of the input clock source. The digital outputs are LVDS compatible, and the data format can be selected as either two's complement or offset binary.

The MAX1215 is in production and available in a 68-pin TQFN-EP package specified for the industrial temperature range. An evaluation kit is also available. Prices starts at $47.50 in lots of 1000. A data sheet is available at www.maxim-ic.com/PRGraphics/PRPDF/MAX1215DS.pdf.

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