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1248 launches universal gateway for enterprise IoT


At ARM TechCon, 1248 took the wraps off what it calls the first ARM-powered, standards-based, 6LoWPAN wireless access point designed to IoT-enable enterprise networks.

Called HyperWeave, it provides full IP-to-the-edge connectivity from low power Internet of Things (IoT) devices to corporate and cloud networks. Developed in partnership with ARM, HyperWeave was launched at this week’s ARM TechCon 2014 in Santa Clara.

According to 1248 CEO Pilgrim Beart, HyperWeave has been designed to be easily deployed as a standard WiFi router to IoT-enable existing IT networks.

“Until now, IoT edge devices have connected to the Internet using a wide range of incompatible protocols such as EnOcean, Wireless HART/KNX/M-Bus and ZigBee,” he said, “creating a lack of service, gateway and device interoperability, as well as making it difficult to manage IoT deployments over their lifetime..

“Now, for the first time, a set of open standards make it practical to support Internet Protocol (IP) right to the edge of connected device networks. This includes wireless IoT environments where large numbers of edge-devices are powered by batteries or harvested energy.”

Standard infrastructure can be installed once and used to support a wide range of applications, protocols and use-cases. Existing IP networks and tools can be used to provide monitoring, firewalling and access control, while also providing a generic base for all applications today and in the future.

Beart said support of IP-to-the-edge will accelerate the arrival of the IoT for applications such as smart city street lighting and parking; Internet of Industrial Things with factory sensors and actuators, the connected home, smart buildings, smart agriculture, smart energy and more.

He said HyperWeave utilizes ARM software IP and also supports the ambitions of the Thread Group, the not-for-profit industry organisation responsible for promoting the Thread IP-based wireless networking protocol for connecting home products.

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