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12th Queen’s Award for Essex-based manufacturer

LONDON — e2v technologies has again been recognised for technical excellence in product design and manufacture. Adding to previous awards for innovation and export achievement, e2v has been awarded its 12th Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

The award was granted in the Innovation category, for the design and manufacture of imaging sensors and cameras used in aerospace, medical and scientific imaging systems.

The technology is used in e2v’s range of L3Vision Charge Coupled Device (CCD) sensors. These sensors can achieve outstanding performance in low light conditions enabling advances in life science research. The technology also allows high resolution imaging for astronomical, surveillance, reconnaissance and security applications and is supplied either as sensors for further integration into customers’ camera systems or as complete cameras.

e2v technologies Imaging Sensors Group designs and manufactures CCD sensors for innovative space, medical and scientific imaging systems. The CCDs are high performance versions of the semiconductor imaging devices used in digital cameras, camcorders and mobile phones. The company uses its expertise in semiconductor imager design and manufacturing to optimise the CCD to meet performance requirements for customers like NASA and ESA among others. This technology increases the sensitivity of a standard CCD by a factor of 1000 allowing very low light levels to be detected.

e2v’s CEO Keith Attwood said, “Our engineering capabilities and product design push imaging technology capabilities to a new level. It is great for this expertise to be recognised by this prestigious award. I am proud of the contribution that e2v and its people makes to the global imaging market.”

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