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14-bit ADC has full power bandwidth of 1.1 GHz


Santa Clara, Calif.&#8212National Semiconductor's 14-bit ADC14155, a 155 megasample/s analog-to-digital converter (ADC), offers a full power bandwidth of 1.1 GHz, the highest in the industry according to the company. Thus the chip, the first in a family of high-speed 14-bit ADCs that also offers parallel low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) and serial LVDS output options, is suited for high-dynamic-range requirements applications in 3G wireless base stations and test equipment.

“The ADC14155’s 1.1 GHz full-power bandwidth is 72 percent higher than the closest competitor in the 14-bit space and that advantage enables system designers to develop breakthrough architectures for wireless communication applications,” said Antonio Visconti, product line director of the Data Conversion Division.

Practical applications include high intermediate-frequency (IF) architectures for wireless communications. The ADC14155, working from a 3.3-volt input, offers a dynamic performance of 85 dB spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) and a 72 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at an input frequency of 70 MHz. The low-jitter front end delivers 72 dB SFDR and 68 dB SNR at a frequency as high as 420 MHz, specs also representing industry bests, according to the company.

Click here to access the product datasheet. The ADC14155, in a 48-pin LLP package, is priced at$61.75 each in 1k quantities and is slated for availability in production quantities in June.

National Semiconductor , 1-800-272-9959, www.national.com

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