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16-channel T1/E1/J1 line interface unit saves board space


Fremont, Calif.—Exar Corp. has developed a 16-channel T1/E1/J1 line interface unit (LIU) designated the XRT83VSH316 that is optimized for high-density applications in where board space is limited such as multi-service provisioning platforms, routers, optical, and wireless transport equipment.

The XRT83VSH316's small package-size measures 21mm x 21mm. The XRT83VSH316 supports a single bill of materials for T1/E1/J1 applications, and has selectable RX and TX internal terminations (T1/E1/J1) for 75/120(ohm), 100(ohm) and 110(ohm) lines. It has a master clock timing generator where only a single T1, E1, or 8 kHz clock is needed. It has relay-less board hot swapping, which reduces system downtime during routine maintenance.

Exar introduced additional features to the 16-channel LIU, including system side RLOS, AIS, QRSS/PRBS generation/detection, line side RLOS, AIS, QRSS/PRBS generation/detection, DMO with 16-bit LCV counters, and diagnostic loop back modes for each channel.

The XRT83VSH316 supports Exar's R(3) Technology. Devices using R(3) Technology are reconfigurable with integrated termination supporting all common T1/E1/J1 line impedances enabling customers to build a simple board and eliminate the need for external relays for 1:1 and 1+1 redundancy applications. This feature allows final device configuration to be made just prior to line-card installation. This capability prevents customers from having to unnecessarily stockpile an inventory of all configurations to accommodate changing market conditions.

The XRT83VSH316, on a per-channel basis, has power down mode with independent receive and transmit selection, user programmable arbitrary pulse mode, and an on-chip transmit short-circuit protection, which prevents line drivers from damage. In addition, the device also has a selectable crystal-less digital jitter attenuator with 32-bit or 64-bit FIFO for the receive and transmit data path.

Pricing: $33 each in 1,000-piece quantities.
Availability: Samples are available now in a 316-ball BGA package and operate at 3.3V/1.8V with 5V tolerant I/Os over the industrial temperature range.
Datasheet: click here.

Exar Corp., 1-510-668-7000, www.exar.com

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