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16bit MCU for automotive use


The H8S/2282F 16-bit, single-chip microcontroller from Hitachi has a stepping motor control timer, liquid crystal display (LCD) controller and controller area network (CAN) interface. The device is suitable for automotive dashboard (instrument panel) systems and vehicle body control applications.

Minimum instruction execution time is 50ns at a 20 MHz operating frequency. The microcontroller features 12 Kbytes of on-chip Flexible Zero Turn-Around Time (F-ZTAT) Flash memory and uses a single power supply for data writing and erasing. A frequency division function enables 32kHz oscillation to be obtained from the main clock (single crystal), ensuring accurate timing throughout the temperature range.

An Hitachi Controller Area Network (HCAN) on the device allows data buffer storage of 16 messages and achieves a maximum communication speed of 1Mbit/s. A CAN bus wake-up function is provided to wake up the microcontroller during standby mode.

The device features a motor control Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) timer which has built-in drivers which offer direct drive of the stepping motors controlling the speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and water temperature indicator. The 28 segment x 4 commons line LCD used to indicate trip distance can also be directly driven, eliminating the need for external power drivers.

HitachiTokyo, Japanhttp://global.hitachi.com.

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