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2-MHz step-up dc-to-dc converter fits OLED apps


Advanced Analogic Technologies (AnalogicTech) has come up with a 2-MHz, 18-V, 100-mA step-up converter that's optimized for powering both organic LED (OLED) and general-purpose LCD and CCD modules in portable systems. The AAT1230 delivers fast transient response, high stability, and excellent load isolation while reducing system footprint.

Stability is a major concern in boost converter design. To address this issue, the AAT1230 combines a high-frequency converter that's capable of reaching 2 MHz with a hysteretic feedback loop-based control mechanism to support fast transient response and remain stable over a wide load and input voltage range without additional compensation components. Moreover, the device's high switching frequency enables the use of small inductors and capacitors.

The AAT1230 also adds a new feature designed to address the leakage current losses inherent when conventional step-up converters drive OLEDs. To minimize current losses, designers using conventional boost converters typically use a load switch and control circuitry to disconnect the converter when the OLED module is disabled. The AAT1230 adds a true load disconnect function which isolates the load from the power source when EN/SET is pulled low. Leakage current is less than 1 μA. This function lets designers simplify their design by eliminating the load switch and control circuitry.

The AAT1230 is available in a lead-free, 12-pin TSOPJW package. It sells for $0.98 in 1000-piece quantities. More information is available at www.analogictech.com.

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