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2013’s top embedded blogs and columns: your choices and mine

This week’s Tech Focus newsletter highlights the top ten blogs and columns in 2013 by regular contributors to the Embedded.com community on line, selected by you.

They were chosen on the basis of 1) the total number of visits and views they received, and 2) the number of comments you left at the end of such submissions, both at the time they were published and on an ongoing basis over the year.

This list – published at the end of each year – has become a tradition at Embedded.com because it gives us a chance to give additional visibility to contributors who have taken the time to share their insights about embedded software and hardware design and about the life of an embedded engineer.

Some of those on the list this year are long time contributors such as Jack Ganssle (Break Points), Jack Crenshaw (Programmer’s Tool Box) and Dan Saks (Programming Pointers). They’ve been writing on Embedded.com for most of its 20 years of existence. If I need reliable information from guys who really know their business, their columns are usually my first places to go for answers.

But this year’s ten top blogs/columns list also includes some new contributors: Michael Eager, Mike Hogg, Victor Reyes, Robert Scicca, and Ken Wada, as well as Colin Walls and Andrew Lucas.

I appreciate their efforts and am continually looking for engineers and developers who have the time and desire to contribute their insights and experiences to the site in the form of regular blogs or articles. If you have ideas and experiences to share but are not sure how to turn them into useful blogs and design articles, give me a call or send me an email and we can work together to get you started.

Topics of interest to developers can run the gamut. This year’s top ten selections indicate that you are interested in a wide range of programming issues and problems. But the difference between those included and those who were not was often a matter of only a few views. Almost as popular as the technical blogs are the ones dealing with the life of an embedded developer and views of life from the perspective of the engineer and developer.

For example, while some of my personal choices for most favorite blogs and columns coincided with yours, many did not, and reflected by own personal interests. While there are a number of programming and design issues that interest me, as a technical editor I am just as interested in those blogs that reflect a hardware/software engineer’s particular view on life. Given these caveats, here are my ten favorite blogs and columns for this past year:

Is Twitter evil?
Cloudy benefits of the Cloud
Code: The Good and the Ugly
Older engineers rock
Advice to a young engineer
Vintage multicore
How I got embedded
Impure thoughts
It’s not the processor.
Bare-metal firmware porting 101

What were some of your favorites and why? Because they address particular technical issues in which you had an interest? Or because they reflected a point of view about life with which you agree?

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