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2014’s Top Ten Embedded blogs

In addition to a number of regular contributors, Embedded.com was glad this last year to welcome a number of new contributors to the the web site, despite the fact that it made it difficult to make choices for this year's top blogs. But I welcome more such good meaty submissions, no matter how difficult it makes my life.

Tools I like by Jack Ganssle
Jack believes in buying high quality tools. Here are some of his favorites.

Those unsightly code sores by Jack Ganssle
Infectious code can be highly contagious. Here are some examples.

Why you need the C Standard by Jack Ganssle
I have a variety of C books, some of which are really good. Some aren't. And none are complete.

Extending debugging resources by Jack Ganssle
Are we using the debugging resources available in so many MCUs in the most effective manner?

Using RTOS semaphores by Ralph Moore.
Ralph Moore provides some basic guidelines on the use of various types of resource semaphores to control access to hardware resources.

Consider the source when selecting your RTOS, by John A. Carbone
While having the source code for the RTOS you use is important, clean, clear, commented, consistent, and correct code is critical to the success of your design.

11 steps to successful hardware troubleshooting by Dunstan Power
Based on his experience with board design, in this series of blogs, Dunstan Power provides some general tips on debugging and troubleshooting hardware problems

Poodle, static analysis and design versus code defects by Paul Anderson.
GrammaTech's Paul Anderson uses the newly discovered Poodle security vulnerability to explain the difference between design and coding defects and how static analysis tools can be used to help find them.

Getting Started with Embedded Linux: Part Nine — Self-hosted development by Michael Eager
Explore self-hosted development using the Raspberry Pi as a target.

Dealing with the dangers of software/hardware homogeneity, by Bernard Cole
By designing processors with built-in mechanisms for instruction set randomization, today’s connected devices can be rendered safer from the many network based security dangers that plague systems currently.

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