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2014’s Top Ten Embedded IoT Design Articles and Papers

One of the most active areas of design and how to article article submission on Embedded.com this past year has been in the category of embedded wireless sensor and machine to machine networks for the Internet of Things, so many in fact that we thought it deserved its own top ten list:

ASOS: A new software development paradigm for the Internet of Things
In the first in a two-part series, Bob Zeidman describes how to synthesize your own application specific OS to handle many task management that Internet of Things designs require, rather than search for a proprietary or open source RTOS to take on that role.

Building an IoT for industrial control
In the first in a two-part series, Echelon’s Robert Dolin describes the requirements that the IP-enabled “Internet of Things” (IoT) must meet to be suitable for use in industrial control network environments.

Reworking the TCP/IP stack for use on embedded IoT devices
How to use the standard TCP/IP protocol stack in real-time embedded Internet of Things applications through a proper understanding of its underlying components.

The role of Bluetooth Low Energy in wearable IoT designs
Why the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) specification is emerging as the best wireless protocol for use in wearable Internet of Things and how to develop designs targeted for the newest and fastest developing segments of the consumer electronics market.

POSIX in the age of IoT computing
The role of the POSIX API in providing a platform independent means for porting embedded apps between Linux and Unix systems as well as between POSIX-compliant RTOSes.

What is the Internet of Things?
GeorgiaTech’s Alain Louchez makes an effort to come up with a useful definition and structure for the amorphous collection of wireless sensor network, machine to machine, and other connection technologies that comprise the Internet of Things.

OSGi and the software fabric for the Internet of Things
How to use the OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) specification to turn the Internet of Things into a collection of loosely coupled software modules interacting through standard Web services interfaces.

The Internet of Things: the next wave of our connected world
How is the Internet of Things changing the world and how developers build and deploy their designs? And what new markets and applications will it open up?

Vision in wearable devices: Expanded application and function choices
Increasingly capable and cost-effective processors, image sensors, and memories, along with robust algorithms, now make it practical to incorporate computer vision into wearable devices.

Middleware for Internet of Things
Building a middleware infrastructure for the internet and web of things that makes possible immediate access to information about the physical world and its objects.

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