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24-V, 100-mA boost converter cuts footprint

The AAT1232 is a 24-V, 100-mA boost converter for portable devices powered by single-cell Li-Ion batteries. This addition to AnalogicTech's family of converters is targeted primarily at cost-sensitive OLED, LCD, and CCD applications, and offers substantial output drive capability in a compact footprint.

Operating at a switching frequency up to 2 MHz, the AAT1232 reduces pcb footprint by using small-value external inductors and capacitors. For example, the AAT1232 operates with 2.2-μH inductors that are about 10X smaller than what's required by many competitive conductors. Small TSOP and TDFN packages and fewer external components also help reduce system cost.

Configuring the AAT1232's operation is fairly painless. Depending on the application, system designers can select one of two internal feedback reference voltages using its SEL input. In addition, the AAT1232 offers dynamic output voltage programming over a 16-step range using the company's patented single-wire S2 Cwire (simple serial control) interface, a simple, low cost alternative to traditional I2 C-based architectures.

A true load-disconnect feature completely isolates the load from the power sources when the EN/SET input is pulled low. This feature helps minimize standby power dissipation and extends battery life by virtually eliminating leakage current. The AAT1232 maintains 80% efficiency across a wide range of load currents, even down to 1 mA.

The AAT1232 is available in a lead-free, 16-pin, 3- by 4-mm TDFN package or a 12-pin TSOPJW package. It sells for $1.05 each in 1000-unit quantities. More information is available at www.analogictech.com.

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