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3.5G added to reference platform

Bath, UK — A High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) solution has been added to picoChip Designs' '3G basestation on a CD' reference design. HSDPA, which is also referred to as '3.5G', is a packet-based mode for WCDMA Release 5 which increases data rates to up to 14Mbit/s for intensive multimedia services.

Dr Rodger Sykes, CEO of picoChip, claimed its reference design can reduce development time by 50% and when products are in the field they can be updated with complete interoperability.

The reference design includes tested algorithms and source code for WCDMA FDD and HSDPA. The picoChip design platform combines a high-performance processor optimised for wireless, with a programming environment (using standard ANSI C) and comprehensive system libraries. The picoArray processor delivers 300Goperations/s and 30Gmultiply-accumulates/s.

In addition to WDCMA FDD and HSDPA, reference designs for TD-SCDMA, 802.16 and other standards are under development. The system is also suitable for any other advanced wireless technology, including 4G research and military software defined radio (SDR or JTRS).

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