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3-channel mains current data logger


The PicoLog CM3 USB/Ethernet current data logger is for measuring the power consumption of buildings and machinery. With three channels, it can monitor current in single-phase and 3-phase AC installations.

Applications include monitoring three-phase motors and generators, measuring the consumption of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and balancing phases in multiphase supplies.  The logger is supplied with three AC current clamps and a  data acquisition software package.

The PicoLog CM3’s measuring range is 0 to 200 A, with an accuracy of ±1% and less than 10 mA of noise. Conversion resolution is 24 bits. The current clamps comply with IEC1010-1 (1995), and with EN61010-1 (2001) at Cat. II 600 V, Cat. III 300 V.

The current data logger is supplied with the PicoLog data logging software, which runs on any PC with Windows XP or later. PicoLog can collect data from up to 20 PicoLog CM3s at programmable intervals from 720 milliseconds per channel up to minutes, hours or even days.

It displays readings in a monitor window with optional limit alarms, alongside optional live graph and table views of the same data. You can export readings in a standard text format compatible with other spreadsheet and analysis programs.

A software development kit is also included, containing Windows DLLs, drivers and example code, allowing you to integrate the device into your own software.

The dual USB/Ethernet interface means that you can locate the data logger anywhere from a desktop to the other side of the world. The CM3 can operate as a USB-only device, as a USB-powered device with Ethernet interface, or as a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) device.

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