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3-V NOR flash products target embedded apps

Intel disclosed that it will expand its portfolio of NOR-based flash memory products. The company outlined plans to introduce a 3-V version of its StrataFlash Embedded Memory architecture. Intel also disclosed that it will enter the fast-growing serial flash segment with its first Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) product.

These 3-V additions are suited for embedded applications such as set top boxes, base stations, and networking equipment. It will also offer developers a broad density range and product packaging options for use across many applications. The 3-V version is currently sampling and expected to be in production in the fourth quarter of this year.

Intel plans its first entry into the serial flash market segment with SPI flash products that will offer high performance and security features for the consumer electronics and computing market segments. Serial flash technology reduces pin count and simplifies board design which saves board space and reduces time-to-market. Intel will offer an industry standard package pin out and command set, enabling customers to accelerate their design cycles. For use in applications such as DVDs, digital TVs, printers and PCs, the new serial flash products are sampling now and expected to also be in production in the fourth quarter.

More information on all the products is available at www.intel.com.

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