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300-MHz embedded PC gets Win XP development kit for CompactFlash


A company called Arcom is integrating rich features of Windows XP Embedded into a development kit for the firm's 300-MHz Model SBC-GX1 embedded PC.

Arcom's development kit lets you quickly develop and demonstrate Windows Embedded-based applications using a reliable reference platform, and you don't need Windows Embedded Studio to build an operating system image.

Put It On CompactFlash

The SBC-GX1 includes a comprehensive build of XP Embedded pre-installed onto a 512-Mbyte CompactFlash (CF) memory card. The kit includes a Service Pack 1 (SP1) update that offers the benefits of the .NET Framework (v1.1) , support for Visual Studio 2003 , remote debugging, and the latest security fixes.

Windows XP Embedded also includes Enhanced Write Filter , a feature that reduces wear on the CompactFlash card by overlaying a copy of the spare CF space into main RAM. Accesses to the CF card are re-routed to main memory creating a safer and more reliable environment for deeply embedded systems. This feature can instantly be switched on and off from the desktop or directly by the application.

The Development Kit also includes a smaller ready-built image suitable for lower cost CF cards, and applications requiring fewer resources. This means it isn't necessary to use Windows Embedded Studio and Target Designer to start building powerful Windows Embedded applications.

Bundled Goodies

The Development Kit bundles the SBC-GX1 single board computer (fitted with 256-Mbytes of DRAM, AC PSU, mouse, and a cable set), a Quickstart manual, a Development Kit CD, and a Universal Serial Bus/CF programming adapter.

An optional NEC 6.5-in. TFT (thin film transistor) color LCD module and analog touchscreen are also available.

The SBC-GX1 is an EBX format (5.75 x 8-in.) single board computer powered by the popular 300-MHz AMD Geode GX1 microprocessor for fanless applications. The board offers graphics accelerated CRT and TFT flat panel support (and DSTN using the DC1 module), 10/100Base-Tx Ethernet, four serial ports (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485) and a general purpose digital I/O port.

Expansion is achieved using a regular PCI slot, the CF socket, or the industry-standard PC/104 bus. —AMM

Get more information by contacting Arcom Ltd, Cambridge CB1 7EA, UK.


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