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32-bit RX-family MCU suits motor-control applications


Renesas Technology announced the release of the RX62T, the third family in the company's Platform series of MCUs. The RX Platform is built around the RX CPU and integrates the functions of Renesas' existing 16- and 32-bit MCUs. The RX62T group comprises 40 devices. In addition to the high speed, high performance, and low power of the 32-bit RX600 family, the RX62T group features improved inverter control timers and analog functions required for inverter control applications. In addition, these MCUs help reduce system costs and power consumption in applications like air conditioners, washing machines, solar inverter solutions, and lighting control.

The RX62T microcontrollers include a multifunction timer pulse unit 3 that can drive up to two three-phase motors. They also integrate a newly-developed 16-bit general-purpose PWM timer that can drive a single three-phase motor. As a result, the RX62T products can simultaneously drive up to three three-phase motors. The timer uses the same clock at 100 MHz, which is the CPU's maximum operating frequency.

Improved analog functions for system cost reductions and improved ease of use in motor vector control applications have also been implemented. Features include two 12-bit A/D converter units and one 10-bit unit, and can capture analog input values from up to 20 channels at a minimum conversion time of 1 ms. The two 12-bit A/D converters can be used for sensorless vector control methods, like three-shunt or single-shunt current detection. As each of the A/D units can be triggered by timer units and sample three phases in parallel, an independent motor control for two separate motors can be applied.

The devices in the RX62T group provide a scalable memory solution from 64 to 256 kbytes of flash memory, with up to 16 kbytes of RAM embedded. They also include an additional independent 8 kbytes of data flash memory. A wide range of packaging variations are available.

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