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3D development tool aids embedded vision


National Instruments has added 3D vision capabilities in LabVIEW to make machine vision applications more accurate.

The Vision Development Module 2012 allows engineers to develop a 3D stereo vision system using any two cameras and can perform advanced inspection and control that uses depth information from 3D vision technology. They can also use LabVIEW with third-party hardware and software tools for 3D vision and combine 3D images with other algorithms, such as pattern matching or object tracking, to profile stationary or moving objects.

The module includes high-precision 3D image acquisition using new stereo vision and calibration algorithms as well as compatibility with third-party 3D cameras that use laser triangulation technology. Integration of additional 3D processing and analysis libraries, such as the AQSENSE SAL3D library, in the same graphical programming environment simplifies the development of machine vision applications from optical character recognition on pharmaceutical packaging to examining solar panels for cracks.

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This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

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