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3D electromagnetic synthesis tool targets broadband interconnects

Seattle, Wash. — Simberian, Inc. has claimed the industry's first 3D electromagnetic synthesis tool to design minimal-reflection and low-loss elements for broadband interconnects with the latest release of its Simbeor tool. Aimed at communication links operating at 6-10 Gbits/s, the Simbeor 2008 software includes new minimal-reflection transmission line and via-hole geometry synthesis modules, a new linear solver to support end-to-end analysis of a data channel as well as other new features and usability enhancements.

Other key features include a geometry synthesis wizard for single and differential lines in any signal or plane layer of a stackup, multi-pole Debye and complex multi-pole models for dielectrics, and adaptive frequency sweep to accelerate electromagnetic analysis. Simbeor 2008 runs on any computer with Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32 bit and 64 bit) and compatible OS.

Pricing: U.S. list price for annual node-locked license with Level 1 features is $4,500 and with Level 3 features is $7,500. Network or floating licenses are also available. Software updates are also included with an annual license. A free version is available with limited capabilities.
Product information: Software evaluation
Datasheet: Simbeor 2008

Simberian , 1-206-726-1098, www.simberian.com

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