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3M make laboratory available to all

LONDON — 3M Analytical Services has been launched to provide access to the company’s R&D resources to all external companies for the first time.

The company’s service capabilities in electronic and chemical solutions will be available to companies to help in health and safety, design, assembly and manufacture. The services can be used to identify problems with a product or process; ensure that legislation or certification requirements are being met; or to analyse and improve existing product materials.

A customer will not have to have any kind of scientific knowledge or understanding of the complexity of analytical testing as a tool enables 3M application engineers to run through with a customer. This asks a series of questions that lead towards a practical test or series of tests that could help solve customers’ problems.

Based at the company’s laboratories in Bracknell, England, 3M Analytical Services consists of a team of experienced chemists and other experts, backed up by a range of highly sophisticated analytical devices, equipment and systems.

Equipment includes an extractive FT-IR for real-time analysis of gases, an X-ray photoelectron spectrometer for surface analysis, and a canister-based system for analysing air samples and odours. 3M is one of a number of United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) approved laboratories that are accredited to test and evaluate whole air samples for air quality for health and safety purposes.

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