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5-Mpixel CMOS sensor suits digital-still and digital-video cameras

OmniVision Technologies announced the OV5653, its latest 5-Mpixel CMOS solution for digital-still and digital-video cameras. The digital camera market is currently dominated by charge-coupled device (CCD) sensors, but there's a clear shift occurring toward CMOS technology.

Based on the company's latest 1.75-micron OmniBSI technology, the sensor delivers a low-light sensitivity of greater than 1400 mV/(lux-sec). A video detailing OmniBSI technology can be found on Embedded.com. Even more detailed information can be found in the OmniBSI white paper.

The company claims that this is a 30% improvement over front-side illumination technology and a 2X improvement in signal-to-noise ratio (less than 70 lux). The OV5653 delivers 720p at 60 frames/s and full HD (1080p) at 30 frames/s, resulting in vivid still and video images, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Although the OV5653 is a RAW sensor, it includes a variety of automatic image control functions such as automatic exposure control, automatic 50/60 Hz luminance detection, and auto black level calibration. It also includes programmable user controls for image quality, formatting and output data transfer, mirror and flip, cropping, windowing, and panning. The sensor contains 256 bytes of embedded one-time programmable (OTP) memory for storing custom specific information such as calibration parameters, support for horizontal and vertical sub-sampling, and 2-by-2 binning. The embedded 1.5-V regulator eliminates the need for additional power components.

Also developed by OmniVision are the OV5650 and OV2665 devices, designed specifically for mobile phones. They're also based on the company's OmniBSI 1.75-micron technology. These parts offer similar specs to the OV5653, yet they offer a low stack height, which os required for ultra-slim mobile phones. The OV5650 5-Mpixel measure 0.33 in., while the OV2665 2-Mpixel part measures 0.2 in.

The OV5653, OV5650, and OV2665 are all sampling now, with volume production slated for the second half of the year. More information is available at www.ovt.com.

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