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500-MHz X86 processor consumes just 900 mW

AMD's latest Geode LX microprocessor exhibits low power and high performance, making it suitable for consumer electronics and computing markets, including multimedia devices, single-board computers, access devices, and other general embedded applications. Examples of products that fit these categories include HDTVs, IP set-top boxes, thin clients, point-of-sale kiosks, and Windows-powered tablet PCs. The x86-based processor, manucatured in 0.13-micron CMOS, runs at 500 MHz while consuming just 900 mW (running at 1.2 V). With the complete chip set, it's still under 2 W. The CPU provides an increased memory bandwidth through a DDR interface and enhanced I/O throughput with USB 2.0. Embedded into the silicon are 64-kbyte data and instruction cache memories. The AMD Geode LX processor and CS5536 companion device chipset is available for $45 in 10,000-unit shipments. Slower speed variants also are available. More information is available at www.amd.com.

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