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6-Gbits/s SAS/SATA controller targets enterprise-class storage systems


Santa Clara, Calif.—PMC-Sierra Inc. announced the latest addition to its Tachyon controller family, the PM8000 Tachyon SPC 8x6G, enabling the first generation of enterprise-class tiered storage architectures.

According to PMC-Sierra, the 6-Gbits/s SAS/SATA controller is the industry's first SAS 2.0 compliant device, enabling storage OEMs to provide enterprise-class SAS/SATA disk-array systems.

SAS 2.0 enhances the SAS protocol to achieve the levels of performance, scalability, availability and reliability that major companies require at an optimal total cost of ownership. It also significantly improves the connector and cabling within the data center, reducing IT operational cost and improving its overall usability compared to first-generation SAS/SATA deployment.

For more on SAS 2.0 requirements status review, click here.

The Tachyon SPC integrates many features, including compatibility with Tachyon programming model; support for 1024 end devices for high density storage arrays; 1.5-Gbits/s SATA and 3-Gbits/s SAS/SATA backwards compatibility; eight-lane PCI Express 2.0 bus; greater than 250,000 input/output per second (IOPS) performance; SAS 2.0 compliant multiplexing to boost performance when used in 3G infrastructures; full-featured fault isolation framework application in Host software; and support for the T-10 Standard DIF (Data Integrity Field) to ensure complete integrity in the I/O data path.

PMC-Sierra provides a SAS Tachyon Software Development Kit (sTSDK) that encapsulates the SAS protocol behind an architected Application Programming Interface (API), managing all chip-specific control of the Tachyon device. This software, including sample drivers, allows users to focus their engineering resources on system-level software development, significantly improving time to market.

Availability: Now to select partners in a 672-pin FC PBGA package.
Datasheet: click here.

PMC-Sierra Inc., 1-408-239-8000, www.pmc-sierra.com

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