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6U VME multi-processor board holds single- or dual-core processor


Kontron's VM6250 6U VME multi-processor board is designed with Freescale's MPC8640/8641 single- or dual-core processors and Altivec engine. Kontron is assigning long-term availability to this product. A high degree of flexibility is afforded thanks to the board's scalable processor performance, high-data throughput, low-power dissipation, and easy extensibility via XMCs, PMCs, and FMCs (FPGA mezzanine cards). In addition, the VM6250 boasts a power consumption down to 27 W (typical, with 1-GHz Freescale MPC8640).

With a choice of Freescale's MPC8640 single- or dual-core processor at 1 or 1.25 GHz or the MPC8641 single- or dual-core processor at 1.33 GHz, the board combines high processing power and exceptional memory bandwidth. With a 64-bit MPX bus running at up to 667 MHz, the VM6250 handles a memory bandwidth up to 4.3 Gbit/s. The four-channel DMA controller and integrated 128-bit AltiVec vector unit (which processes large data quantities while ensuring minimal cache pollution) further enhance the processing capability. High data throughput is guaranteed by the high-speed backplane switch for PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet, and the double-edged source synchronous transfer VME 2eSST according to ANSI/VITA 1.5.

The rugged conduction cooled version of the VM6250 is destined for applications in harsh environments where extremely secure and reliable performance is a must. The board features soldered DDR2 SDRAM with Error Correcting Code (ECC) and on board USB flash support for software storage without rotating non-volatile memory. Data security is ensured by 128-kbyte NOVRAM for back up of critical data in case of power failure.

For more information on the Kontron VM6250, visit the company's Web site.

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