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6U VPX SBC supports dual 40 GbE or InfiniBand Interconnects

The VPX6-1958 from Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions is the first rugged, high performance 6U OpenVPX single board computer (SBC) to combine Intel’s latest quad-core 4th generation Corei7-4700EQ processor with a Dual 40 Gbps backplane I/O interconnect. The VPX6-1958 provides support for 10/20/40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and SDR/DDR/QDR/FDR-10 InfiniBand (IB) connectivity. OpenVPX systems built using the VPX6-1958 and complementary Curtiss-Wright Fabric40 system elements will deliver over 2x the performance of previous generation SRIO Gen-2-based systems and 4x the performance of 10 GbE-based systems.

Designed for high-performance operation in benign or harsh environments, the VPX6-1958 is designed for demanding processing applications and as part of the architecture of small- to medium-sized HPEC systems that connect SBCs to GPGPU, FPGA or multi-processor DSP modules (such as Curtiss-Wright’s CHAMP-AV9 DSP engine), either directly, or through the recently introduced VPX6-6802 Switch card. Available in air- and conduction-cooled configurations, the VPX6-1958 is designed for use in compute-intensive radar, signal and image processing ground or airborne applications. The SWaP-C-optimized module brings unmatched SBC processing to base stations, unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, tactical aircraft, and rugged naval systems.

The VPX6-1958 makes optimal use of the 4th Gen Intel Core i7 quad-core processor’s AVX 2.0 floating point libraries and its redesigned on-chip graphics execution engines. Taking full advantage of Intel’s latest generation advanced quad-core CPU and Curtiss-Wright’s proven ruggedization technology, the VPX6-1958 is designed for high performance operation in harsh environments. With up to 32 GB of DDR3 memory at 25 GB/s (peak) bandwidth coupled directly to the processor, the SBC’s Quad-Core processor is able to maximize the throughput of its floating point units. Supplying up to 64 GB of flash memory, the VPX6-1958 is ideal for handling applications with demanding storage, data logging and sensor processing needs.

The VPX6-1958 high-bandwidth fabric support includes Dual 40 GbE (Quad capable) or DDR/QDR/FDR10 InfiniBand to the P1 connector, and PCI Express Gen3 to the P2 connector.

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