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6WINDGate portable packet processing software now supports Intel Data Plane Dev Kit

6WINDGate has enhanced its 6WINDGate software with optimized support for the Intel Data Plane Development Kit (Intel DPDK). The software from 6WIND is designed to enable the development of mobile infrastructure and cloud networking products. It uses the advanced architecture of Intel multicore processors, fully integrating the packet processing framework and multicore execution environment provided by the Intel Data Plane Development Kit software to deliver superior networking performance while retaining full compatibility with standard operating system APIs.

On a dual-Intel Xeon processor E5645 platform with a clock speed of 3.33GHz, running the Intel DPDK, 6WINDGate delivers over 16 million packets per second per core of IP forwarding performance, thereby forwarding 10Gbps of network traffic in each core (64-byte packets). This performance scales linearly with the number of cores configured to run 6WINDGate until the maximum bandwidth of the hardware platform is reached. Processor cores not used to run 6WINDGate are available to run value-added application software or Virtual Machines (VMs), resulting in a highly efficient and flexible system for advanced networking equipment.

6WINDGate includes a comprehensive, portable suite of networking protocols optimized for multicore platforms. These include a full set of control plane modules (routing, security, connectivity, mobility etc.), a high-performance networking stack, and a wide range of fast path protocols (IPsec, QoS, protocol termination, VLAN etc.) optimized for processors such as the Intel Xeon processor family. A fundamental objective of the software is to eliminate the need for OEMs to invest their engineering resources into combining discrete protocols from multiple sources and/or designing custom optimizations to exploit the performance features of the processor they have selected.

In order to further accelerate their clients’ development process and minimize schedule risk, 6WIND provides the 6WINDGate software pre-integrated with the Intel DPDK, along with full technical support for the combined solution. This integrated package avoids the need for clients to perform the integration themselves and ensures seamless synchronization between revisions of 6WINDGate and Intel DPDK.

6WIND will showcase its support for the Intel DPDK at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco from September 13th through 15th (booth 106).

6WINDGate support for the Intel DPDK is available now. For more information visit www.6wind.com/.

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