7-22-10: Virtual power debug/ Video gremlins/ Real-time Linux - Embedded.com

7-22-10: Virtual power debug/ Video gremlins/ Real-time Linux

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but the sincerest formof approval and acknowledgment for what we have done on the redesignedsite is your enthusiastic participation.

We have worked hard to give you a web site destination that willbetter serve your need for useful design information. And you haveresponded with a continuing stream of relevant and technically grittydesign articles and commentary.

For example, in Getting real (time)about embedded GNU/Linux ,” Robert Berger provides a detaileddescription of the options developers have if they want to adapt theopen source OS to the requirements of hard real-time designs. In anarticle onsystem levelsoftware centric power debugging , author Achim Nohldescribes the many ways in which virtual prototyping can help in thisvitally important aspect of current embedded and mobile designs.

Other pithy and informative must-read design article andcommentaries include upgradingpanel meter circuit range and precision, tracingshorted traces, findingvideo signal gremlins andwhy debugging takes so long to do.Good reading and keep up the good work!! (EET/Embedded.com Editor Bernard Cole,bccole@acm.org, 928-525-9087 )

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