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8-bit flash MCUs have integrated analog comparators


The 32-pin MB95F430 series of 8-bit microcontrollers from Fujitsu Semiconductor includes several products with four channels of built-in analog voltage comparators as well as an operational amplifier.

It is designed for use in system control of small home appliances, lighting and industrial equipment, such as LED ballasts, induction heating, DC-DC converters, power tools and battery chargers.
In addition to being used as a main microcontroller unit, the MB95F430 series peripherals, which include several 8- and 16-bit timers, 17 channels of 10-bit ADC, PWM, I2C and USART serial communication modules, make it suitable for use as a sub-controller.

The on-chip high precision RC oscillator and a low-voltage detection circuit help to reduce BOM cost, while the dual operation flash memory with up to 100,000 erase cycles and 20-year data retention negate the need for external E2PROM.
The on-chip debug module with single-wire interface, speeds-up software development using the Softune integrated development environment.

The series currently comprises six devices and is available in mass production. It comes in 32-pin LQFP packages, with memory ranging from 8KB flash / 240B RAM to 20KB flash / 496B RAM. 

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