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8051 MCU tool casts bigger, better net


Plano, Texas—Keil Software, Inc. has rolled out uVision3, an integrated development environment (IDE) and a key component in its model PK51 and other development kits covering a wide range of 8051 MCU variants. Besides adding source code outlining, a function navigator, template editing, and incremental search functions, the IDE incorporates the company's new C51 Version 8 compiler.

In addition, uVision3 features a configuration wizard that cuts the time needed to generate start-up code and configuration files. Also, a built-in simulator models the target MCU, including instruction set, on-chip peripherals, and external signals. A logic analyzer, also part of uVision3, juxtaposes program variables with state changes on the MCU's I/O pins and peripherals.

Among the latest 8051-type MCUs the uVision3 works with are Analog Devices, Inc.'s ADuC83x and ADuC84x and Infineon Technology's XC866. Additional compiler details are available here.

Customers holding maintenance agreements can download the uVision3 IDE incorporating the C51 Version 8 compiler from the company Web site. The PK51 developers kit, which includes the upgrades sells for $2,895.

Keil Software, Inc. , 1-972-312-1107, www.keil.com.

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