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90-nm CMOS chip combines Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


Marvell announced what it claims is the world's first 90-nm CMOS, WLAN plus Bluetooth single-chip IC. The 88W8688 is aimed at mobile handsets, battery-powered media players, smartphones, and PDAs. The part is designed using the company's embedded Layer 2 (MAC) and Layer 3. The integration of Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, which is firmware upgradeable to Bluetooth 2.1 features, and WLAN subsystems on one die allows more optimized simultaneous dual-radio operation and cooperative co-existence.

The integrated multi-protocol security engine includes hardware acceleration for UMA, IMS, and other network access methods requiring extensible end-to-end security. In addition, the Marvell 88W8688 incorporates voice and audio codecs that can be used in a wide variety of media applications and platforms. It supports all Bluetooth profiles with an industry standard HCI interface. The device runs Bluetooth profiles natively, offloading the host CPU. The device can be connected to a host processor using either a unified host interface or independent host interfaces for WLAN and Bluetooth connections.

More information is available at www.marvell.com.

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